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Panel Saw



  • The Panel Saw (as know as Horizontal Beam Saw, Running Saw)are designed for cutting panels to require size.
  • Automatic Panel Saw, Panel loading and unloading in front ofmachine, which using PLC control system memorize the cuttingpattern and automatically cut to size according the cutting pattern.
  • The Panel Saw is widely used for System cabinet、OA furniture、Kitchen cabinet、Computer table、Living room、TV&Stereo caseand other wooden furniture industry.


  • Heavy and rigid constructure to ensure high cutting accuracy and productivity.
  • Standard equipped with scoring saw unit to obtain the best finishing cut on any kind of panel.
  • Top pressure beam is designed of the pneumatic lifting system with rack and pinion for simultaneously up and down.
  • Lifting and lowering of saw carriage is pneumatically controlled, the moving stroke if saw carriage by sensor.
  • Automatic machine is equipped with electronically controlled system which can memorize 99 different cutting partial for longitudinal and cross cutting.



  • (1) Set of saw blade
  • Sectional safety cover
  • (1) Set of tool box
  • (1) Set of operation manual
  • Airfloating table w/o fence, 1500 x 500 mm x 2 (for PSWⅡ)
  • Airfloating table with fence, 2400 x 500 mm x 1 (for PSWⅡ)
  • Lift table : (for PSWⅢ)
    • lift table size : 3200 x 2200 mm
    • stroke : 570 mm
    •  loading capacity : 1500 kgs


  • Main saw motor 15hp instead of 13hp
  • Double top pressure beam system
  • Air floating table w/o fence, 1500 x 500 mm instead of roller table
  • Air floating table w/o fence, 2400 x 500 mm instead of roller table
  • Pneumatic position device (2pcs air cylinder per set)
  • Pneumatic position device (3pcs air cylinder per set)
  • Jumping device for postformed strip
  • Grippers unit equipped with spring Clamping system (for PSWⅡ/Ⅲ)


Max. cutting lengthmm3200
Max. cutting thicknessmm80
Main. saw motorhp13 (15 option)
Main. saw blade diametermm355
Main. saw arbor diametermmØ40
Main. saw rotationrpm4800
Scoring saw motorhp1
Scoring saw blade diametermm180
Scoring saw arbor diametermm25.4 (30)
Scoring saw rotationrpm7200
Feeding motorhp2
Feeding speed (forward)m/min41820
Feeding speed (backward)m/min40
Auto feed motorhp1
Auto feed speedm/min8
Lifting motorhp1
Lifting strokemm576
Working air pressurekg/cm241765
Table height from floormm850
Net weightkgs4900
Gross weightkgs5400
Machine sizemm5590x6890x1850
Packing sizemm5700x2300x1700