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H Class-Double End Tenoner



  • The DET series Double End Tenoner are designed for those factories who manufacturing panel ,solid wood  housing material.
  • The DET series feature of sequence range for mass production and perfect sizing , trimming cut for wood block & narrow panel! machine includes scoring saw, main saw, moulding unit .
  • The working stock of the DET series is no limit for longitudinal wise.
  • The working width can be of min. for 220 mm (optional on request 180 mm) upto max. for 1300 mm / 2000 mm / 2600 mm versions.
  • The working thickness concerned is standard with 100 mm.
  • Which be used on solid & panel wood furniture like OA furniture, kitchen, door & windows, wood & laminate flooring production and etc.


  • Heavy and rigid constructure to ensure sizing, squaring and tenoning with high precision and productivity.
  • The bed carrying with high precision linear guide way to get perfect parallel at x-axis.
  • Feed chain track system is enriched with precision track linkage which mounted with dust-proof and free lubricated needle to ensure perfect parallel at y-axis.
  • The high precision linear guide way + feed chain track to form the double crisscross movement to guarantee squaring.
  • High accurate needle bearing mounted in precision chain track linkage for dust-proof and free lubrication.
  • Electric positioning device with digital readout in metric, inch  for various operation. No micro-adjustment required.



  • Auto. positioning device for movable stand to control working width.
  • Digital readout device for thickness adjustment of double side, 2 pcs/set.
  • Digital readout device for vertical adjustment of workheads, 6 pcs/set.
  • Digital readout device for horizontal adjustment of workheads, 6 pcs/set.
  • Feed chain track with rubber pad.
  • Scoring saw blade 205x25.4x3.0mm x t80 - 2pcs.
  • Main saw blade 305x25.4x3.0mm x t100 -2pcs.


  • Additional cost for wooden case.
  • Feed chain track with phenolic pad instead of rubber pad.
  • Feeding system with strengthen support.
  • Center support.
  • Center support with auxiliary top pressure roller.
  • Laser beam for cutting line indication.
  • Safety cabinet for CE ARE standard.
  • Additional dog for feed chain track.
  • Distance between centers of bottom chaintrack sprocket and top belt pulley change from 430 mm to 830/1130mm. (4/6 working unit series)
  • Jumping device for scoring saw unit.
  • Scoring saw motor increased to 3HP/5HP.
  • Main saw motor increased to 7.5HP.
  • Profile moulding motor increased to 7.5HP.
  • Profile moulding unit with pneumatic top pressure
    Pad + Bottom support (chrom plated).
  • Manual lubrication system.
  • Auto. lubrication system.
  • Moulding cutters 150x30x40mm x 6t.
  • Flooring cutters 137x30x20mm x 6t.
  • Hogging cutters.
  • Auto. feeding magazine.
  • Pre-milling cutter for scoring & main saw (fixed sied).


MODELDET-H4 / F4 (DET-22)DET-H6 / F6 (DET-23)DET-H8 / F8 (DET-24)DET-H10 / F10 (DET-25)DET-H12 / F12 (DET-26)
Working unitspcs4(2+2)6(3+3)8(4+4)10(5+5)12(6+6)
Max. working widthmm(ft)1300(4) / 2000(6) / 2600(8) / 3200(10) / 4000(12) / 5000(16) / 6000(20)
Min. working width (on double side)mm(in)220 (8-5/8) OPTION 175 (6-7/8)
Min. working width (on single side)mm(in)110 (4-3/8) OPTION 190 (7-1/2)
Max. working thicknessmm(in)100 (2-3/8) OPTION / 120 (4-3/4) / 150 (5)
Scoring saw unitMotorhpH:2 OPTION 3 / 5 / 7.5 ; F:3 OPTION 5.4/7.5
Spindle speedrpmH:3000,F:3600/7200
Spindle dimensionmmH:25.4x82L,F:25.4x90L
Sawblade dimensionmm120-305
Main sawing unitMotorhpH:5 OPTION 7.5 / F:5.4 OPTION 7.5
Spindle speedrpmH:3000,F:3600/7200
Spindle dimensionmmH:25.4x82L,F:40x90L
Sawblade dimensionmm160-305
Moulding unitMotorhpH:5 OPTION 7.5 / F:5.4 OPTION 7.5
Spindle speedrpmH:6000,F:3600/7200
Spindle dimensionmmH:40x82L,F:40x90L
Cutter dimensionmmH:160-200, F:200-220
Belt sanding unitMotorhpH:2
Sanding belt sizem/min4"x60"/ 78" / 98"
Vibration powermm25w x 1/36
Chaintrack systemMotorhp22355
Feed speedm/min6-24
Distance between dogsmm400 OPTION 300 / 200
Movable sideMotorhp1
Feed speedm/min2
Net weightkgs3700~60003800~61005000~73005100~74006200~8400
Gross weightkgs4100~64004200~65005400~77005500~78006600~9000
Machine sizemm3400 ~ 8100x3200 ~ 4200
Packing sizemm3520 ~ 8220x2270x1900