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Edge Banding Machine Standard Series

SD-600A/ 600B/700A


  • The STANDARD series are designed for edging either straight or profiled (Softforming) panel with hot melt glue by through feed
  • system which consists of top pressure rollers and bottom feed chain.
  • The edging material can be of PVC, melamine or veneer in strip or coil.
  • Solid lippings with a maximum thickness of 25mm are on request.
  • These universal and versatile machines are ideal and STANDARD production equipment for those of small and large plants which require every kind of application.


  • Heavy and rigid constructure to ensure necessary accuracy and stability.
  • To guarantee straight-line feed of the panel, a double row of rubber toothed rollers is off-centered onto top pressure beam and the bottom feed track with rubber calibrated pads is running on cylindrical guide.
  • The top pressure beam is supported with two reinforced columns and equipped with visible linkages for thickness adjustment.
  • The feed of edging material, in strip/coil, is automatic and synchronously with panel feed.
  • The electric and paneumatic system is incorporated in the built-in control cabinets.



MODELSD-600A / SD-600BSD-700A
Working sizePanel lengthmm(in)105(4)-UP
Panel widthmm(in)100(4)-UP
Panel thicknessmm(in)10(3/8)-60(2-3/8)
Edging thicknessmm(in)0.4(1/64)-25(1)
Feeding systemFeed speedmpm(fpm)10-20(33-66)
Rated powerkw(hp)3.75(5)/5.6(7.5)
Net weightkgs(lb)3100 (6820)3700 (8140)
Gross weightkgs(lb)3550 (7810)4300 (9460)
Machine sizemm(in)7450x850x15608400x850x1560
Packing sizemm(in)7550x990x19108500x990x1900