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Single and Double sided profile moulding & sanding



  • The SPS series profile moulding and belt sanding are developed for sanding of the straight or profile edge of solid wood, MDF or sofiformed veneered panel by the most modern concept of woodworking application.
  • The SPS series profile moulding and sanding consists of various models to be chosen according to your requirement. Use of normal sanding paper or sanding cloth of any desired grit.
  • These universal and versatile machines are ideal and standard production equipment for those of small and large plants who require every kinds of application.


  • Heavy and rigid constructure to ensure sizing, squaring and tenoning with high precision and productivity.
  • The bed carrying with high precision linear guide way to get perfect parallel at x-axis.
  • Feed chain track system is enriched with precision track linkage which mounted with dust-proof and free lubricated needle to ensure perfect parallel at y-axis.
  • The high precision linear guide way + feed chain track to form the double crisscross movement to guarantee squaring.
  • High accurate needle bearing mounted in precision chain track linkage for dust-proof and free lubrication.
  • Electric positioning device with digital readout in metric, inch for various operation. No micro-adjustment required.



Working sizePanel lengthmm(in)105 (4) - UP
Panel widthmm(in)100 (4) - UP
Panel thicknessmm(in)10 (3/8) - 75 (3)
Feeding systemFeed speedmpm (fpm)10-20 (33-66)
Rated powerkw (hp)1.5 (2)2.1 (3)2.1 (3)2.1 (3)2.1 (3)
WeightNet weightkgs(lb)3700-60003800-61005000-73005100-74006200-8400
Gross weightkgs(lb)4100-64004200-65005400-77005500-78006600-9000
DimensionMachine sizemm(in)3070x1400x1400 (121x56x56)3670x1400x1400 (141x56x56)4070x1400x1400 (161x56x56)4570x1400x1400 (180x56x56)5070x1400x1400 (200x56x56)
Packin sizemm(in)3380x1000x1830 (133x40x72)3930x1000x1830 (156x40x72)4430x1000x1830 (174x40x72)4930x1000x1830 (194x40x72)5430x1000x1830 (214x40x72)